50 Shades Of Grey - Transform your man in to tall, dark & handsome personified 'Christian Grey'

Let's do some role play. Look in the mirror and imagine you are the sweet innocent Anastasia Steele and your significant other slouched on the couch over there... well that's tall, dark and handsome personified - Christian Grey. Did I mention you need a GREAT imagination for this one? The '50 Shades Of Grey' book trilogy phenomenon may be fiction but here at bellezo we thought we would get you a bit more hot and steamy under the collar by posing the perennial question 'could you turn your man in to Christian Grey?' Read Full Article >>

Change this fictional romance in to fact! 'Not so easy' I hear you say? Ok admittedly it's a tall task to engage in a total personality overhaul but some simple grooming improvements for your man could get you half way there!

The Hollywood rumour mill has been rife with media speculation on who will land the lead role of Christian Grey in the feature film adaptation of Fifty Shades so we thought we'd tease you a bit more by pairing up the top 5 heartthrobs for the role with bellezo's top 5 male grooming products. The accompanying quotes from the novel itself are bound to get you a little hot and flustered. Don't say we didn't warn you. It's time to turn your man from unkempt, scruffy and wild to dashing, charming and styled!

If you want to follow in Anastasia's footsteps and fall in to a dreamlike state when embracing your man he needs a little help from Elemis Time For Men Daily Moisture Boost. An intensely nourishing cream that helps soothe shaved skin, achieving an overall improvement in skin condition whilst restoring nutrients stripped away during shaving.

We all crave that romantic running fingers through the hair moment, make it happen with Kerastase Homme Capital Force Densifying Daily Treatment Shampoo. A top of the range shampoo specifically designed for men. Restores the look and feel of the hair, leaves the scalp feeling revitalised, and helps to improve the look of density in the hair.

Who wouldn't go weak at the knees for a little Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray? This product adds body, has light hold and a superb matte finish; excellent for all hair types. Will work wonders on anyone, not just landlocked surfer wannabes.

Wandering in to controversial territory here with the suggestion of promoting metro sexuality but who cares? If you want Christian Grey, you're going to need a helping hand from Fake Bake Self Tanning Lotion. Apply evenly for a tan that compliments your skin tones and for a perfectly natural looking result. Nobody will ever know!

Bio Oil is the number one award winning product for treatment of scars and burns like those suffered by Christian in his youth at the hands of his drug addict mother's cruel boyfriend. If you want to smooth over those little imperfections then look no further.

You never know, now you could even put your man forward for the Fifty Shades Movie in the role of none other than Christian Grey himself. Movie castings here we come! ;)

Finally in case you haven't had the chance to get your paws on a copy of this page turner then we highly recommend the Fifty Shades Of Grey Amazon Kindle Edition. For an unbelievable 2.69 it's an absolute steal.

Check out our follow up 50 Shades Special Part 2... but this time it's Anastasia's turn to shine in limelight.

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