Crazy ColourBlue Jade (Box of 4 x 100ml)


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Hospitals are full to brim of poor individuals, wounded from walking in to lampposts, walls and all sorts of obstacles… the culprit? Crazy Colour, it’s just so dam eye catching! Read more »

About this Product

Hospitals are full to the brim with poor individuals, wounded from walking in to lampposts, walls and all sorts of obstacles... the culprit? Crazy Colour, it's just so dam eye catching! Rebelling against the system for near four decades Crazy Colour's pioneering range of vibrant shades has been at the forefront of trends and fashion for those who don't quite fit the bill or simply just want to stand out from the crowd. Crazy Colour comes in a handy rockin' 100ml bottle. Depending on several factors the dye can last for up to 3-15 washes, so ideal for the timid experimenter or top up for the committed hardcore faction. An edgy semi-permanent hair colour choice that packs a punch in the face of the mundane: available in 23 different complimentary colours, be sure to check 'em all out.

Instructions for use:

  • Under no condition should Crazy Colour be mixed with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Before application wash your hair with an acid balanced shampoo. Bellezo recommends using a Biomilk or Bioherbal to correct the acidity of the hair and permit best results for colouring.
  • Apply Crazy Colour to wet hair with a brush, laying colour on the entire length of the hair shaft, stopping about ¼-inch away from the scalp. Begin at the nape of the neck and work upward through the head of hair.
  • Comb Crazy Colour until it becomes frothy. This indicates that the complex colour pigments used in Crazy Colour have penetrated into hair. Lighter shades of Crazy Colour will require more combing to obtain maximum results.
  • Crazy Colour will process at room temperature in 15 minutes. More resistant hair may benefit from placing a plastic cap on the hair and processing for 30 minutes.

Bellezo Top tips:

  • Add a wee drop to your shampoo to give you that extra vivid supplement.
  • For best results apply to pre-lightened hair or bleached hair. Please Note:
  • Crazy Colour should work fine with no adverse effects for 12 months after the bottle is first opened.
  • Everybody's hair is different and several factors including your current hair colour, type of shampoo used, frequency of shampooing and porosity of hair all effect the eventual result of Crazy Colour and thus we cannot guarantee an exact colour match with the picture.
  • Renbow say they have never tested their products on animals in terms of assessing their risk to humans.
  • Renbow say to their knowledge there are no nut or nut extract ingredients used in Crazy Colour Hair Dyes.

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